Case Studies


“The medical patient journey is a high volume cohort of patients that can present opportunities for improvement of systems and processes and therefore improve access to beds sooner for admitted patients. Two large bodies of work were instigated in the south and north of Tasmania. Extensive diagnostics included, big picture mapping, auditing ward rounds and multi-d meetings, pulling data from existing IT systems and surveying staff and patients. Solutions were very similar across the state and they included aligning the medical teams with wards, this allowed medical ward rounds to occur in a timelier manner. Restructuring multi-d meetings to include a senior decision maker and increased to daily. These initiatives led to a saving of 2980 bed days in the south and approximately 1500 in the north.

It feels like we’re much more organised now; we know exactly what the plan is for the Gen Med patients.” CC


To maximise improvements in the Outpatient setting we used the Rapid Improvement event methodology. The first round consisted of five units, specifically chosen because of long wait lists/times, high DNA and cancellation rates. Teams from each unit spent two days together, reviewing current state, learning some key “ Lean thinking” principles and possible solutions. By the end of day two, the teams had clear action plans to move forward. They benefited by being able to cross pollinate ideas. Over the next 6 months the units implemented their changes which included defining discharge criteria, promoting DNA policy, instigating “non-acceptance letters, redefining core business and instigating clerical audits. Outcomes: 42% reduction in Colorectal waitlists, 49% reduction ion ophthalmology waitlists, 35% in plastics waitlists, freed up 400 + appointments in Ophthalmology.

Lean Thinking

The applied Lean Thinking in Healthcare course provides the student with opportunity to work on their own problem from their healthcare area. They utilise the diagnostic techniques to get to the root cause of their problem and then apply solution techniques to improve the journey for the patient and manage work/life balance for staff as well. We were also available for mentoring as required.” Great course. Essential learnings in any discipline, especially in the public health system”


"Lauri builds strong relationships with those she works with..."

Lauri is a fantastic change agent. She engaged me in the process of clinical redesign, making the improvement process enjoyable along the way. We took the redesign journey together, with Lauri's vast experience and positive personality guiding as through both the inevitable lows and the rewarding highs. Lauri puts lean thinking into action. Processes need to be sustainable, built into everyday practice, meaning Lauri's influence remains. Lauri builds strong relationships with those she works with, helping them to reach their full potential. She is also strategic and works effectively within the healthcare system. I cannot recommend Lauri highly enough.
Dr Mark Wilson: Gastroenterologist Royal Hobart Hospital

" We acquired skills and confidence"

Lauri Obrien’s Redesign team ensured our department accurately defined and measured our problem,then ensured we acquired the skills and the confidence to change and most importantly ,embed change into every day and every week going forward
Dr Lynne Gordon, Unit Head, Dermatology, FMC SA

"I have enjoyed working with Lauri..."

Lauri is committed to redesign and improvement in Health Care and maintains the drive in sometimes difficult areas of change management arenas. I have enjoyed working with Lauri and have been impressed with her ability to maintain composure and focus and to present clinical redesign and change management strategies with clarity and purpose. Lauri is also skilled in working with diverse groups with strong opinions and has the ability to bring back any discussion that may get off course to one of meaning and purpose
Robyn Liddington: Nursing Director, Medicine. Launceston General Hospital

"Lauri is a very engaging and approachable facilitator..."

Lauri is a highly experienced, professional and supportive mentor in Service Redesign. She draws on her extensive experience in this area to teach and enable one to apply a variety of redesign methods across different parts of the health sector. She is a very engaging and approachable facilitator, who has the ability to demystify redesign methodology and challenge you to think outside of the box.
Catherine Spiller: Specialist Design, Primary Health Tasmania

"I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Lauri..."

It has been a pleasure working with Lauri during the state-wide clinical redesign program over the past 2 and a half years. She has been a fantastic mentor, willing to impart her wealth of redesign knowledge and experience. Her energy and tenacity have been one of the driving forces behind the success of the redesign initiatives, along with her ability to help clinicians find clarity, and understand the root of the problem at hand. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Lauri.
Tim Saunder: Data Analyst, Health Services Innovation Tasmania

"I recommend Lauri to your organisation..."

Lauri worked with our team in 2014-2016 as part of the Clinical Redesign program in the Department of General Medicine at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Lauri has a significant amount of experience and wealth of knowledge in redesign. She is able to guide individuals and teams to success in redesign by providing “excerpts” of her knowledge along the redesign journey and making the process of change seem less daunting and achievable. I have seen her support programs of work across the spectrum of hospital based services- outpatients, front line services and back of hospital functions. I recommend Lauri to your organisation/group for educational sessions on service redesign as well as the practical assistance to progress a program of work in varying sized health settings.
DR Nicole Hancock Head of General Medicine, Royal Hobart Hospital