Healthcare Redesign is committed to offer innovation, educational and redesign services to improve health outcomes for patients/clients as well as enhance capabilities in your healthcare staff to enable them to manage the ever increasing challenges within healthcare.

Healthcare Redesign Services

Rapid improvement events
A unique technique to fast track reform in your organisation Rapid Improvement (PDF)
Mentoring services
Mentoring and advising programs of work utilising Lean Thinking methodology Key achievements (PDF)
Program redesign
Framework and governance improvement and change management advice
Lean Thinking workshops
Staff overview of redesign methodolgy with key tool takeaways Workshop intro (PDF)
Bespoke Applied Redesign in healthcare courses
Indepth program designed to address organisational problems
Whole of service redesign
Diagnostics, solution design, implementation and sustainability for the future Outline (PDF)
Workshop facilitation
Models of care, strategic planning and more

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